Listen to Cardi B's New Single, 'Money'

Listen to Cardi B's New Single, 'Money'

Cardi B's new single, "Money," is here! Complete with sexy single art featuring gloves by Paper favorite Christian Cowan. And as you might expect, it's a banger, and it's about… money. And how money is Cardi's favorite thing. "I got a baby/I need some money," she raps. Fair enough! She's still generous.

"There's nothing in this world/That I like more than checks," Cardi spits. Again, fair enough. And this is far from Cardi's first foray into rapping about bands. Consider "Dinero" and "Money Bag," and lyrics in basically every single one of her songs. Cardi the Capitalist! She also references the wealthy sovereign nation of Wakanda.

Cardi recently secured the bag at a bar mitzvah party this weekend, where she reportedly performed for half a million.

Listen to "Money" below. It's catchy.

Photo via Instagram