Cardi B Threatened With Legal Action Over Halloween Post

Cardi B Threatened With Legal Action Over Halloween Post

Cardi B might be getting her ass handed to her. The artist referenced in the rapper's butt-baring Halloween costume is considering pursuing legal action.

Italian pop artist aleXsandro Palombo claims Cardi B was not authorized to use his art for her Halloween post. In the post in question, Cardi B, dressed as Marge Simpson, poses in Mugler’s infamous F/W '95 "butt crack gown" alongside Palombo's artwork which depicts the iconic Simpson character in the same dress and pose. Cardi B included Palombo’s original art in her post without credit, captioning the photo, “Mugler inspired.”

Palombo responded on Instagram, explaining that he wrote to Cardi and her collaborators to ask why “they never contacted us for authorisation to use the artwork and didn’t mention or credit the artist, violating Meta policy about intellectual property rights.”

In an update to the post, Palombo shared there was “still no answer.”

Palombo’s work as a pop artist deals primarily with pop culture figures such as The Simpsons and Disney princesses. The original artwork featuring Marge reflects women's emancipation and gender equality, according to Palombo.

“Cardi B and her collaborators have used my artwork without any authorisation,” said Palombo, “debasing its original meaning and only to amplify their image with a clear commercial purpose that has nothing to do with that path of social awareness that has always characterized my works.”

Palombo’s lawyer Claudio Volpi told Artnet News that Cardi B. along with stylist Kollin Carter, photographer Jora Frantzis and Atlantic Records to share a follow-up post crediting the artwork within seven days of receipt. The ultimatum comes with the promise of legal action should they fail to comply.

Cardi B, who recently won the lawsuit over her mixtape cover art, has not issued a response. From the looks of it, Cardi B may be back in the courtroom soon.

Photo Courtesy of Sansho Scott/BFA