Kulture Got $50k in Cash for Her Fourth Birthday

Kulture Got $50k in Cash for Her Fourth Birthday

As the latest evidence in the mounting case that celebrities aren't actually just like us, Cardi B and Offset are celebrating their daughter, Kulture's, fourth birthday with a $50,000 gift in cold hard cash.

In an Instagram Story shared by Offset, the celebrity couple's daughter can be seen leaning out the backseat of an SUV asking her dad to buy her cotton candy before gleefully slapping a fat stack of cash on the rolled down window.

After being asked by her mom what she had in her hands, Kulture playfully refers to bands of notes as "a ticket," only to be corrected by Offset that a ticket is slang for million and not the $50K she was holding.

And while the birthday gift might raise a whole host of questions, Kulture being showered with lavish and expensive gifts isn't exactly new. From diamond-encrusted charm necklaces to full head-to-toe Balenciaga outfits for trips to Disneyland, Offset and Cardi B have a track record for sparing no expense when it comes to their first born and giving gifts that can frequently run somewhere in the six figure price range.

Perhaps most notably, Offset raised a few eyebrows when he gifted Kulture a pink Birkin bag for her second birthday, a highly sought after, collectible designer handbag that can frequently cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Offset was heavily criticized at the time for giving it to a two-year-old, who would likely ruin the Birkin with loose crayons, spilled juice boxes, animal cracker crumbs and melted sweets in no time.

According to Page Six, Cardi B later defended the gift saying, “If I was looking like a bad bitch, expensive bitch, and I had my kid looking like a bum bum, then y’all would talk shit. So I’m not mad that daddy bought baby a Birkin. She going to match mommy.”

At the very least, Kulture still maintains her reputation as one of the most dripped out celebrity kids out there.

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