Cameo Blush Gets 'Lucky'

Cameo Blush Gets 'Lucky'

When he's not tearing it up on the saxophone as a member of Ross From Friends' live band, London-based producer John Dunk is pouring his time and energy into his own solo project, Cameo Blush. First launched in 2019 and with two EPs already under his belt, Cameo Blush has in such a short period already garnered support from the likes of Moxie, CCL, Peder Mannerfelt and Disclosure, and is gearing up for his biggest release to date.

The second release to come off Ross From Friends' recently launched imprint, Scarlet Tiger, Cameo Blush's new Lucky EP fits in perfectly with the colorful left-of-center house we've come to expect from the fledgeling label, but also shows us a producer with plenty of personality. The lead track off the EP, "Lucky," features a nostalgic nod to '90s hardcore with a pitched up vocal sample and a spring-loaded drop that sounds straight up zany.

"This track came together just before my first live set in 2019," Dunk tells PAPER. "I really enjoy making music for a specific place or moment in time and i think the excitement and nerves inspired this track in a way. A lot has changed since then but for me it feels right to release it now, to remind myself of what things were like before and can be like again."

Rounding out the EP with the giddy little roller "§§§§§" and the late night bass-heavy smoker "Hubris," Cameo Blush fleshes out a whimsical yet refined brand of house that is sure to hit hard once we're all able to get back to the dancefloor in the nearing future.

Listen to "Lucky" ahead of the full EP release out May 21st.

Photography: Claire Fleming


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