'Call Me by Monet' Is the Feed We All Need

'Call Me by Monet' Is the Feed We All Need

Call Me By Your Name (2018) is a work of art in and of itself, with its stunning cinematic capture of the Italian countryside, its enchanting soundtrack featuring songs from Sufjan Stevens, and of course the centerpieces: Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer. But imagine if Elio and Oliver weren't just sitting by the hill where Claude Monet used to paint. What if they were frolicking around in the beautiful landscapes painted by the French artist . That's exactly what Mika Labrague did when she created "Call Me By Monet."

Art meets art when 22-year-old Filipino creator decided she wanted to set the scenes from the film in some of Monet's 19th century masterpieces. She tells WIRED Italy that her mixed media project was born out of intuition, seeing that a lot of the scenes and the "spirit of the story" fit seamlessly into Monet's creations.

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She also includes short, one-liners from Elio and Oliver (and some from poor BB girl Marzia) in the captions, which really makes all the difference and just adds that much more to its *artistic* quality.

It seems like such a simple concept that makes so much sense, given the fact that both the film and the book allude to Monet. We all wish we thought of it, but we didn't. Now we've got this page bookmarked, and you should get on it, too.