California Is Attempting to Ban Toxic Chemicals in Makeup

California Is Attempting to Ban Toxic Chemicals in Makeup

In an attempt to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in cosmetics, California legislators are considering a bill that would completely ban the sale of makeup that use substances that could cause cancer, reproductive disorders, and other hormonal issues.

Being dubbed as a "common-sense proposal" by one supporter, the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act is specifically aimed at products that contain traces of mercury, asbestos, formaldehyde, and lead among others.

"Californians deserve to know whether the cosmetic products they purchase in the state are not harmful to their health," Assembly member Al Muratsuchi (D),and a co-sponsor of the state bill said in a statement.

The move seems to be motivated in part by the three makeup products by Claire's that were recalled after tests concluded they contained harmful chemicals that could cause cancer.

Once in action, cosmetics made from any of the "20 highly toxic chemicals" will be listed as "adulterated cosmetics" under the bill and would not be sold in California.

"While cosmetic products sold in the U.S. are largely unregulated, other nations — and even retailers — have proactively banned or restricted the use of hundreds of thousands of cosmetic ingredients," Democratic assembly member Al Muratsuchi, who also co-authored the bill, said in a press release. "AB 495 will product consumers by banning the sale in California of cosmetics containing known carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and endocrine disruptors that are harmful to human health."

Ken Cook, president of Environmental Working Group, which co-sponsors the bill, added: "Many cosmetics companies are already reformulating their products to exclude these dangerous chemicals, but it's important to establish a floor other companies can't drop below."

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