This BTS Member Flies Solo for His First Single

This BTS Member Flies Solo for His First Single

The BTS Army got caught off-guard by an announcement made by the K-Pop boy band's official Twitter account on Sunday morning. One of the group's well-loved members, Jimin, just dropped a surprise single — his first solo, "약속" or "Promise."

According to Twitter account @learnkoreanpop, it translates to:

"Everyone, you waited a while, right? Finally, I am revealing my self-composed song. It is a song made for me, but it's also a song made for you. Though this is my first time and a work of an amateur, I hope you enjoy listening (to this song). Thank you Army for waiting."

Of course, Jimin has the whole band's support not only through plugging via their official Twitter account, but in the actual production of his song. In fact, in his blog post, the singer thanks V (whose real name is Taehyung) for being the "best photographer." The group's resident rapper RM also co-wrote the lyrics with Jimin.

The song is two minutes and thirty-one seconds long, and is a soft, acoustic ballad with haunting lyrics that, in English, read "I get taken over by ever-growing thoughts/ Since when have you been hurting me?" It's all very different from BTS' usual bangers, but beautiful nonetheless, and well-received by the fans.

Listen to the full track below.

Image via Instagram