The BTS ARMY Defended Suga From Racist Commenters

The BTS ARMY Defended Suga From Racist Commenters

From the looks of it, it seems like the BTS boys are having a great time stateside. From hanging out with Terry Crews to spending the day at Six Flags, all seven of them have been super busy — including baseball fan Suga, who recently decided to drop by an LA Dodgers game.

And the superstar's appearance didn't go unnoticed by ESPN, whose official account tweeted two photos of him posing on the field and some trophies. "Suga from @bts_bighit made it out to Dodger Stadium," they wrote alongside a shining star emoji.

That said, seeing as how this is the internet and everyone is terrible, the replies began to take a turn for the misogynistic and racist with comments like "JUST Another rich Chinese kid," "who is she," and "Americans don't like that crap, except pre teen girls" popping up everywhere.

In true ARMY fashion though, BTS fans from all over the world didn't hesitate to stand up for Suga, the group's artistry, and the inherent validity of liking K-pop.

"Can't stand some of these replies," one user wrote. "Just goes to show how closed minded some people are. I'm glad Suga from BTS is enjoying the game. Pretty sure he met up with Ryu, a fellow Korean, before or will after the game. He deserves the rest after BTS sold out all their stadium tours."

Another Twitter user contributed to the discussion by explaining that she loves BTS as a 43-year-old woman and is "going to their concert this weekend with my 13 yr old daughter and my 61 yr old mother."

"Quality, meaningful, intellectual music has no age requirement or barrier," she continued. "Expand your mind sir, its a big world out there."

Meanwhile, others kept it simple with GIFs and comments like "fragile and tragic" in response to bullshit jabs riddled with toxic masculinity.

Obviously, ARMY is never one to be messed with. And in case you need further proof, take this gem of a burn as a prime example: "To all asking who he is. This 26 year old man is a South Korean rapper, song writer and music producer," one user wrote. "His net worth is around $8.5 million.member of BTS. And to those calling him a her- your toxic masculinity is showing while he gets richer. STAY PRESSED." Hell yeah.

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