A Timeline of Photographer Bruce LaBruce's Erotic Career

A Timeline of Photographer Bruce LaBruce's Erotic Career

Few in the art world are unaware of Toronto artist Bruce LaBruce. Internationally acclaimed as a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and all-over provocateur, LaBruce's topics are not limited to BDSM, fetishism, sex work, zombies, and queer identity.

With two books, 11 feature films under his accomplishments, and exhibitions at some of the worlds most prestigious galleries (MoMA, La Fresh, and Gallery 46), LaBruce is now in the works of creating more buzz in the art world.

Working with Joakim Andreasson (Tom of Finland Store creative director), LaBruce is releasing an exclusive offering of more than 100 photographs made available through the NSFW e-com platform. Faggotry presents a variety of pictures which provide a peek into the elusive world of the "queercore" figurehead.

Below, LaBruce himself brings us through a timeline of his decades-long career.

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