BROCKHAMPTON Is Getting A Documentary

BROCKHAMPTON Is Getting A Documentary

Boy wonders BROCKHAMPTON have announced a new documentary, The Longest Summer In America, chronicling their rapid rise to stardom, the controversies they've faced, and the creation of their forthcoming album.

In the Twitter-debuted trailer, the band-members earnestly reflect on their rapid ascendence and the pressures of fame. It also shows them responding the sexual misconduct allegations against former member Ameer Vann, who officially left the group in May.

The 14-piece boyband will premiere the film on September 17 in Los Angeles, and release the film to select theaters in the U.S. and Europe on September 20.

BROCKHAMPTON recently announced their forthcoming sophomore album Iridescence, following up their 2017 debut album Saturation and mixtapes, Saturation II and Saturation III. They've recently shared a slew of singles: "1997 DIANA," "1998 TRUMAN" and "1999 WILDFIRE."

The Longest Summer In America looks like it'll be some genuinely heartwarming content for stans to stan-out over, and a much-needed opportunity for the group to address fans following Vann's tumultuous departure.

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