BriGuel Premieres 'Mind Takes Hold'

BriGuel Premieres 'Mind Takes Hold'

by Sarah Mai

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"Mind Takes Hold" is the latest release from dynamic duo — and real-life married couple — BriGuel, a combination of their two first names, Brianne and Miguel. A slow-burning ballad about what we're all feeling in these unprecedented times, the new track deals with how our minds are constantly trapped and fighting feelings of confinement.

Ultimately, BriGuel suggests that staying present with your surroundings is the most important.

The accompanying music video, out today, features stunning shots of nature, with the couple dramatically showing their emotions while singing the lyrics. "Mind Takes Hold" combines both voices, with slow guitar and melodies from Brianne, and fast, Spanish lyrics from Miguel.

The song speaks to our shared experience: Being at home and trying to escape isolation, if only for a minute. Its lyrics — "Why do I feel empty inside of me?/ Life keeps passing by/ Oh, where am I?/ All the places where I run and hide/ Far away, far away" — perfectly capture this moment in time, and how we should stay grounded even when our "Mind Takes Hold."

The Brooklyn couple also recently teamed up with Holistic Life Foundation, a Baltimore-based nonprofit that focuses on wellness in underserved communities through yoga, mindfulness and self-care. They created The Difference, featured at Tribeca Film Festival, which tells "the story of a collective working towards providing equal opportunities to the underprivileged youth of color from Baltimore," according to a release.

The Difference will be screening as part of Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival through October 17. For tickets and more information, click here.

Photos courtesy of BriGuel