Brandon Maxwell's Southern Charm

Brandon Maxwell's Southern Charm

Story by Kristen Bateman / Photography by Sonny Vandevelde

Brandon Maxwell approaches each season as if it were a chapter. Inspired by personal events, the Texas-born designer dedicated his fall 2019 collection to the strength of his mother and other women in his life. He was also thinking about the fantasy of silhouettes and how clothing can be a form of armor, especially during times like these. "If last season was about celebrating where I came from, this season is firmly rooted in the idea of resolving firmly where I am," he said in the show notes. Here's everything else you need to know about the collection.

Classic Codes

Gone were the bold and bright colors from last season. Instead, in their place were classically beautiful pieces — codes of the house, such as tailored jackets and belted dresses took center stage.

Secure the Bag

The bags shown in the collection were a surprising standout. Little metal cigar bags clinked against smooth silk fabrics fabrics and added an overall vintage vibe. Top handle trunk boxes and sacks looked easy to carry and made some of the black tie outfits more approachable.

Upgraded Fabrics

What made the collection feel particularly lush was the use of fabrics that ultimately looked very expensive, even from far away. Many of the jackets and gowns were crafted from satin.

Black and White

Brandon Maxwell has been vocal about his love of black and white in the past, and this season he took that to new heights by offering up nearly the entire collection in one of the other — or a combination of the two. Despite this, there were also a couple of printed fabrics and some bright greens and pinks.

Jackets for Evenings

Brandon Maxwell showed several refined jackets that looked like they were made to be eveningwear — whether in the form of a simple or long-cut blazer. There was even a white puffer that was cut slim and chic.

Photography: Sonny Vandevelde