Bobby Shmurda Claims Record Labels Are 'Blackballing' Him

Bobby Shmurda Claims Record Labels Are 'Blackballing' Him

by Hedy Phillips

Bobby Shmurda may have a new project on the way this month, but he claims he has “major” record labels “blackballing” him. When he announced the new music yesterday, called They Don’t Know, out April 29, a fan in the comments suggested he push back the release since the date is coming up so quickly pointing out that he'd maybe need more time to market the project.

Shmurda replied to the comment with his own take on what’s happening: “nah F*** that I got major Lables jumping me Blackballing me and shittttt and I'm from the hood young and rich black as shittt and don't give a 😂 about both and they Scare of me and I love that ishhh I'm only 27 one year fresh Outta six years they got 400 employees😢😂😂😂 tell them boys stop playing me Homieee and I do no marketing that all my shit natural ahhhhh #FThemPeople I'm gone✌🏿”

This new collection will be released independently after the artist was let go from his previous label, Epic Records, earlier this month. According to NME, Shmurda wanted out of his recording contract with the label due in part to L.A. Reid’s departure from Epic in 2017 while Shmurda was doing time. He didn’t have much to say about Reid’s replacement, Sylvia Rhone, other than he loves her “dearly.” He wrote on social media earlier this year, though, that Rhone “doesn’t want to let me go at alllllllll.”

It’s unclear if the record labels Shmurda is referencing in his latest Instagram include Epic, or who else might be the subject of his words. It’ll be interesting to see if his independent release and “natural” marketing pan out for him, but judging by the millions of records he’s already sold in his career, he can definitely make it happen.

They Don’t Know is out April 29.

Photo via Getty/ Johnny Nunez/ WireImage