Lil Yachty Calls Out Lil B's Billie Eilish 'Joke'

Lil Yachty Calls Out Lil B's Billie Eilish 'Joke'

Lil B is responding to Lil Yachty's criticism of a supposed "joke" he made about Billie Eilish.

Over the weekend, Lil B took to Twitter to write that, "Billie Ellish reminds me of girls that thinks Lil b is cute !! I felt like we dated before" — a statement that didn't sit too well with Yachty.

"She is 17 bro," he responded to Lil B's tweet, reminding him that Eilish is still a teen.

However, Lil B tried to defend his initial statement by backtracking slightly and attempting to clarify that it was a "joke."

"She do got fans that's grown and I have dated women that are my age that got a unique vibe !" Lil B continued. "Do you think it's sexual what I said? Or romantic ? Just wondering cuz I ain't think it was neither just somthing cute and funny! But hey !!"

Lil B then went on to insist that he's "not the only one that thinks she's cool," before asking whether "adults just stay away from non adults."

And while Yachty never responded to Lil B's tweets, he did end up responding to a fan who brought up his speculated upon relationship with 16-year-old Bhad Bhabie by simply writing, "I'll smack da shit out u."

Read their exchange in its entirety, below.

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