Billie Eilish's Latest Modeling Gig is with MCM

Billie Eilish's Latest Modeling Gig is with MCM

Fresh off her spot in Calvin Klein's new campaign, slime-haired "Bad Guy" star Billie Eilish has forged her latest alliance with a fashion world that's embraced her cyber-goth, masc style, which breaks every rule of a Top 40 teen pop superstar's image.

Billie stars alongside a clique of her own clones (a la Kim K's recent Caroline Lemke shoot) in luxury leather goods brand MCM's fall 2019 campaign, rocking monogram genderless asymmetrical pieces, like a petite pink fanny pack, brown leather crossbody bag, mini-backpack, beanie, and the most regal bucket hat you've ever seen.

The campaign is photographed by Lea Colombo, a rising South African-born photographer, who captures Billie phasing through different expressions — and in one, Atlanta rapper Childish Major animorphing into her.

MCM and Billie are a funny pairing: a Gen Z insurgent plus a high-end luxury brand. But celebrating style that's "eccentric, irreverent, playful, youthful, fluid, and untethered to any one specific tribe or clique or aesthetic or set of borders or school of thought" is what the new campaign is all about. Billie was the perfect pick to make their point.

Photos courtesy of MCM