Billie Eilish Responds to Reporter Calling Her a 'Sad-Looking' Emo

Billie Eilish Responds to Reporter Calling Her a 'Sad-Looking' Emo

Billie Eilish doesn't consider herself sad anymore.

As you probably heard, Billie and her brother, Finneas, won an Oscar on Sunday for "Best Original Song" thanks to their track "No Time to Die," which was written for the James Bond of the same name. And needless to say, the star was ecstatic over the big win, posing for photos with a big smile as she held her statuette.

However, one reporter was apparently surprised by her happy disposition, at least if their comments were any indication. While the musician was answering questions in the Oscars media room, a journalist asked Billie about her evolution from a so-called angsty teen to a jubilant young woman who really did seem "happier than ever."

"When you first came out, you were sort of like an emo kind of sad-looking teenager," they said, noting that Billie seemed much more content and upbeat before.

"Now you are, like, laughing and having a good time and you look very happy," they continued as both Billie and Finneas giggled. "And it's so nice to see."

In response, the hitmaker simply said "I am glad," which prompted the reporter to go on and ask, "Do you feel that you've had a change in your career as the last couple of years have gone along?" And Eilish's answer?

"I went from 14 to 20, so that will do it," she said, a reference to the fact that she's come a long way since releasing her hit song "Ocean Eyes" when she was just 13 years old.

"It's just growth and aging," she continued. "I'm super happy. I think that I'm just coming into my being aware of what is good around me. I was just a kid."

Billie added, "When you’re that young, it’s hard to understand how big of a deal things are around you, how important things are."

Watch the moment for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic