Billie Eilish's Neon Roots Are Now a Runway Trend

Billie Eilish's Neon Roots Are Now a Runway Trend

It was only a matter of time before neon roots — made famous by Billie Eilish — started appearing on the runways. This season saw Dries Van Noten create its own twist on the trend, applying fluorescent feathers models' hair.

Hairstylist Sam McKnight, who crafted the look, says that while he was primarily inspired by images of Serge Lutens in the 70's, he acknowledges its similarities to Eilish's signature.

Unlike the "Bad Guy" singer's roots, this look wasn't achieved by permanent bleach job, but instead by layering "soft neon feathers" around the hair part, topped off with Hair By Sam McKnight's Modern Hairspray to integrate the feathers more seamlessly. McKnight's hairstyles were enhanced by Inge Grognard's makeup moment: identical eyeshadows smeared across the lids paired with a punk-y dark lip.

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