Bella Hadid Proves That Low-Rise Jeans Are Back

Bella Hadid Proves That Low-Rise Jeans Are Back

It is 12:23 PM in New York City, and I am already doing that millennial thing where you pray for death in like, a fun way. Because Bella Hadid has added fuel to an already contentious fire. The supermodel, currently in Milan for fashion week (she just walked Alberta Ferretti) after hosting a Bulgari event in Rome, has worn low-rise jeans. Yet again. Further proving that they are trendy once more, aka muffin tops are making a comeback.

Look at those jeans, paired with a populist $60 tiger print sweater from Mango. They are cut so far below her belly button! They are so hard to wear if you are not shaped exactly like Bella Hadid. As my intrepid editor Justin Moran put it, "low-rise pant wearers are the new 1%." In Bella's case, 1% applies in every sense (because of her vast wealth).

I love Bella Hadid! But this is an unfortunate turn of events. If naughts nostalgia has to exist, hopefully we can at least get a new Josh Schwartz teen soap.

Main photo courtesy of BFA, additional via Instagram/@bellahadid