Luxury Marijuana Brand Beboe Is Launching a Skincare Label

Luxury Marijuana Brand Beboe Is Launching a Skincare Label

By now, you know CBD has infiltrated literally every industry, from food and beverages to clothing and skincare, nearly overnight. The beauty industry has been at the forefront of fully embracing this boom, adding the wonder product to everything from creams and serums to body oils and makeup.

It was only a matter of time, then, before luxury marijuana brands like Beboe got in on the game. Entering the market as Beboe Therapies with two new products — a face serum infused with 300 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD and sheet masks that come with 50 milligrams of the ingredient — the brand's already differentiating itself just by its steep price points alone. At $148 and $78 respectively, neither product comes cheap, and will be sold both online and at Barney's New York — which will also act as the brand's wholesale partner. Beboe is also working with a number of other luxury retailers for future partnerships.

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"CBD has become a huge thing, but we think it's seldom understood," Beboe co-founder Scott Campbell told Glossy. "We see a lot of companies putting CBD in their products without really understanding its benefits or just for marketing purposes, and there is not an authority in the space."

With increased research and federal regulations finally loosening up, CBD has proven to be a huge pull for skincare aficionados. If projections are to be believed, the national market for hemp-derived CBD is expected to reach $7 billion by 2023.

Naturally, a number of luxury retail brands have tried to tap into the impending boom, including the likes of Neiman Marcus and Sephora. But with its years of expertise and a rock solid reputation, Beboe, which was once dubbed the "Hermes of Marijuana" by the New YorkTimes, might prove to be stiff competition to for smaller brands hoping to capitalize on the cannabis wave.

According to Glossy, the brand's target demographic is women between 27 to 47 — hence the focus on skincare concerns such like anti-aging and acne, as opposed to makeup. "I saw a CBD mascara. That makes no sense at all, because the receptors CBD facilitates are not in your eyelashes, and your eyelashes are not living cells," Campbell said.

Beboe Therapies products will be available to buy starting April 1 both on and across Barneys stores.

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