Aubrey O'Day Accused of Photoshopping Vacation Pics

Aubrey O'Day Accused of Photoshopping Vacation Pics

Singer Aubrey O'Day is being called out for allegedly photoshopping herself into vacation pictures from scenic, far-flung destinations across Europe and Asia — and the internet is, naturally, loving it.

In what appear to be obviously edited photos using backgrounds lifted from stock imagery and various influencer accounts, the former Danity Kane band member and double-platinum recording artist — who ironically also lists "world traveler" in the bio of her now-private Instagram — is seen climbings the steps of Santorini in Greece, cliff-jumping on Bali's Ceningan Island, and posing poolside in Bora Bora.

As pointed out in a now-deleted video by a TikTok user named Sophie (@residualdata), O'Day has been posting these doctored photos for several months. It remains unclear if the 38-year-old singer even went to any of the destinations shown on her Instagram — or what her motivation may have been for creating the fraudulent photos.

Either way, the pics are going on viral for their flagrant and egregious editing and people are having fun with it. See some of the best reactions, below.

Photo: Getty Images / WireImage / Shawn Ehlers