Ariana Grande and Her Mom Shut Down Piers Morgan's Latest Sexist Tirade

Ariana Grande and Her Mom Shut Down Piers Morgan's Latest Sexist Tirade

Famous owner of terrible opinions, unrelenting bodyshamer and unapologetic misogynist Piers Morgan took to social media today to drag... everyone? But don't worry, we don't have to educate him about his archaic ideas: Ariana Grande and her mom Joan have got this one.

Morgan started off by calling Ellen DeGeneres a hypocrite for her #InternationalMensDay montage featuring Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth and the likes — confused why it's alright for Ellen, a woman, to "drool over famous men's bodies" while he's been "abused" for complimenting an actress' legs.

Next, because he can't stand women having ownership over their bodies and images, he came for Little Mix, accusing the girl group of ripping off the Dixie Chicks' nude Entertainment cover photoshoot for their new album promo which was so similar that it's... almost like they saw it... and were inspired by it? Jesy Nelson fired back at him with a shot of her in her Calvins, which he also took the bait on.

Which is when Ariana's mom Joan kindly interjected:

Morgan clapped back by saying his sexism is okay, because it is his opinion!

Ariana joined the fray to back up her mom, shouting out Ellen and Little Mix, and tearing Piers apart point by point:

And executing the most emphatically disgusted use of "thank u, next" yet:

This is all he had in response:

Yes... it is, and no woman should really be having to perform the labor of explaining explain these straightforward ideas in 2018, but Ariana and her mom did it anyway. All we can say is... God is a woman.

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