Baby Ariana Grande Is the Best Thing on the Internet

Baby Ariana Grande Is the Best Thing on the Internet

Just when we thought we couldn't fall more deeply in love with Ariana Grande, she proves us all wrong. The chart-topping pop artist just posted adorable home videos of her singing to classic tunes at the backseat of her family's car, along with her mom Joan Grande.

Ari posted the videos on Saturday. Barely an hour after posting, it already got millions of views. The first vid was of her cute, curly-haired toddler self singing her heart out to "The Reason" by Celine Dion. And at the ending of the clip, she adorably tells her brother, "Put it from the beginning, Frankie!"

In the second video, Joan Grande gets in on the screen time as mother and daughter sing the Celine Dion-Barbara Streisand duet, "Tell Him." The singer captioned the video, "we still sing this 🖤 she's still barbara and still this stunning and cute if not more so ✨"

This is definitely one of the most adorable things that exist on the face of the Internet. BRB, playing this on repeat.