Ariana and the Rose Creates a Trippy 360 Visual for 'Love You Lately'

Ariana and the Rose Creates a Trippy 360 Visual for 'Love You Lately'

New York native and beloved indie pop guru Ariana and the Rose is known for her expert storytelling, both in her emotional lyrics and use of captivating visuals. She's the rare artist who tells a full narrative in a song that you also want to dance to, and part of her magic has been her embrace of artistic collaboration.

Ariana teamed up with electro R&B duo RKCB for her latest single, "Love You Lately," and took a step further by bringing in acclaimed German producer Roosevelt for a hard-hitting remix, released on Kitsune. On top of that, she created a 360 stereoscopic video for the track using a Google Jump camera, premiering on PAPER for the first time below.

"It was important to me to expand on the visuals for the release," Ariana said, "and creating a 360 video as an extension of the original music video has added a new way for an audience to delve into the world of the song and the project."

The visuals are part of the artist's current residency at Brooklyn's House of Yes, who has given her the freedom to create a running immersive live music party, "Light + Space," that includes an interactive virtual reality and Subpac installation, live music and theater.

Check out the visuals, below, and head here for info on the next "Light + Space" party.

Photography: Htat Htut