American Eagle Makes Body Positive Moves For Men

American Eagle Makes Body Positive Moves For Men

By Avery Matera

As body positivity and diversity has been a huge discussion as of late in the world of modeling, little is said about male modeling, where the issues are just as prevalent when it comes to a skewed version of reality being put forth in advertisements and on runways. This season, though, American Eagle is setting out to change that — debuting what they are calling a Ne(X)t Level Fall Denim Campaign that features men with a diverse range of body types.

It's no surprise that American Eagle is one of the first brands to make this inclusive statement in such a widespread and public way, as they did so for women before many others, featuring plus-size models as well as those who fall in-between size categories, un-retouched and more gorgeous than ever. One of the featured models shared his excitement on Twitter on Thursday, writing, "I can FINALLY tell you guy the SECRET news! I'm apart of @americaneagle's newest campaign #AEJeans (Denim Series)."

American Eagle's newest collection will feature denim for men in sizes that now range from 26 to 44 in the waist and 28 to 36 in length. Women, additionally, will be given offerings in sizes 00 to 20 as well as extra short and extra long lengths that go up to a size 14.

Photo via Twitter