Alice Glass Calls Out MGK's Comments About Black Women, Statutory Rape

Alice Glass Calls Out MGK's Comments About Black Women, Statutory Rape

Alice Glass is taking Machine Gun Kelly to task.

Earlier this week, Glass shared a resurfaced clip of MGK during his rapping days, in which he answers a question about his then-recent tweet about liking "chocolate milk."

"My child’s Black. Black girls give the best head," he told a Black woman reporter on the red carpet at the 2012 BET Awards, saying that "y'all either give the best head or say you don't give head."

MGK goes on to tell the interviewer that "you just need to show your skills because Black girls give the best head 100%." To make things even worse though, the musician then starts to verbally attack another Black woman, who walks away after overhearing his sexist and misogynistic comments, leading MGK to call her a "dirty dick bitch" and accuse her of having a fake Louis Vuitton bag.

Naturally, the video sparked rightful outrage on Twitter, including from Glass, who issued a trigger warning alongside the "disgusting" clip and added, "Why, as a white man, would you ever talk like this?"

"Fetishizing Black women and in such a disrespectful way!?," Glass said while asking MGK to apologize for his words. "Show respect for Black Women whose culture you are appropriating."

However, Glass went on to say her message wasn't "just about one artist," as she also noted that "this is about how men who act like this are still given power and opportunities in an industry that wilfully [sic] perpetuates sexist, racist and abusive behaviour." And to further prove her point, she tweeted out another resurfaced clip, where a then 23-year-old MGK tells Fuse that his current celebrity crush was Kendall Jenner, who was 17 at the time of the 2013 interview.

"I'm not waiting until she's 18, I'll go now," MGK said while saying he was "counting down the days" until Jenner turned 18.

"I'm 23, dawg, I'm not like a creepy age, you know what I'm saying," he insisted. "I'm 23, she's 17 and she's like a celebrity, there is no limits right there."

In response to these particular comments, Glass went on to say that "being used by an older man for sex as a child/teen can have devastating consequences that lasts years or sometimes a lifetime depending on the severity of the abuse," referencing her own experience with her former Crystal Castles bandmate, Ethan Kath.

"these are the same arguments I heard as a young teenager. arguments that were used to exploit me. this is very personal to me," she wrote. "its [sic] sad I have to explain this to some of you, but sex with minors is wrong."

She continued, "they are not prepared or developed enough to make clear headed decisions when pressured by manipulative or forceful older men."

MGK has yet to respond.

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