English Heritage and Magic at McQueen

English Heritage and Magic at McQueen

Sarah Burton's fall 2019 show for Alexander McQueen was an exploration of English heritage and beautiful craftsmanship. All of this manifested in the form of high quality, intricate tailoring, gowns that resembled couture and strong silhouetted pieces with a femme fatal twist. "I went home for this collection, back to where I grew up in the North of England, surrounded by mill towns and wild countryside. I took my team to those mills, to a landscape that I remember from my childhood. The heart of the collection is inspired by the bolts of cloth we saw woven both by man and machine," read the show notes. Here's everything else you need to know about the show.

Statement Tailoring

The handiwork of the house of McQueen's tailoring was clearly visible in the sharp looks that opened the show. Burton feminized these styles with soft layers of fabric that flowed to the side off of blazers.

Belted Gowns

Gorgeous gowns and dresses, some with structured jackets layered over them, were all belted to create a shape that was nipped in at the waist.

Luxe Leathers

The brilliant leather pieces in the collection had a slight femme fatale feel to them. One stunning red leather dress in particular had a corset structure built in and referenced the emblematic Red Rose of Lancaster.

The Power of Color

Flashes of cobalt blue, scarlet red and warm pink had a major impact on the overall aesthetic of the collection. These tones warmed up everything and added a hint of modernity and playfulness to a collection with such serious handiwork.

A Sea of Flowers

The closing gown, a silk taffeta dress in saturated deep red looked like a blooming rose in motion. It was definitely one of the most beautiful moments of all of Paris Fashion Week.

Photos via Imaxtree