Come Rave For a Good Cause

Come Rave For a Good Cause

Raves are great; raves for a cause are even better. And so we thrilled to hear about Melting Point, a Bushwick party held in solidarity with immigration defense. Dancing while doing good deeds? We're sold. Just look at this video flyer!

Melting Point will feature sets from the likes Zakmatic (of hip Latinx labels NAAFI and Bala Club), Club Glam resident Alex Lopez (DJ Bebe), and DJ Rahaan Glasgow, aka LSDXOXO. "Events like this help to bring a bit more social responsibility to nightlife culture," Glasgow wrote in an email. "There should be a global sense of urgency to put an end to this situation, but marginalized people are typically the only ones to help other marginalized people. I'm just honored to play a role in providing aid, no matter how big or small."

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Al Otro Lado provides cross-border legal services to deportees, refugees, and families separated by unjust immigration laws. Sue Chang, a student leader at the charity, further emphasized its importance.

"I'm involved in this kind of work is because I strongly identify as a child of immigrants, and am highly aware that I have experienced the privileges that I have because my parents were able to prioritize education," she told us. "The only reason that was possible is because I was born in the geographical location, as well as at the time, that I was born (basically, due to forces beyond my control). I believe if people want to go somewhere to pursue a better life, they should be allowed to do so."

"I think this type of rave that's being thrown to raise money is a necessary method of reaching a wider audience of young people who care," she continued. "People turn to this life because they're seeking a safe space — a refuge. What is more appropriate than refugees of one type working to help refugees of another type?"

She couldn't be more right. Buy tickets to Melting Point here.

Photo by Dillon Sachs, courtesy of DJ Bebe