Abercrombie Releases Gender-Neutral Kids Collection

Abercrombie Releases Gender-Neutral Kids Collection

Remember Abercrombie? Of course you do — the tiny sizing scale, the awkward patterns, the beefy models shot in black-and-white by accused sexual assaulter Bruce Weber. Well the brand still exists, and it's releasing a unisex collection for their children's brand. Good for Abercrombie.

The spring line, called Everybody Collection, comprises 25 streetwear-inspired (yes, you read that correctly) styles, a considerable diversion from the preppy threads they've sold in the past.

According to WWD, Abercrombie executives conducted customer focus groups, from which they concluded, "Many customers, when shopping across genders, do not necessarily want to be restricted to certain styles and colors." Abercrombie & Fitch brand president Stacia Andersen also noted, "Parents and their kids don't want to be confined to specific colors and styles, depending on whether shopping for a boy or a girl. Our Everybody Collection is one assortment, in one size run, that covers the trends we are seeing in both color and style."

Welcome to 2018, Abercrombie!