Moncler and Palm Angels Celebrate Launch of New Collaboration

Moncler and Palm Angels Celebrate Launch of New Collaboration

by Taylor Roberts

Last night in Soho's Moncler boutique, a baby shower was held as proud parents Moncler and Palm Angels welcomed the birth of their Genius fall 2019 collection. The 8 Moncler Palm Angels Genius line brings together the purity and luxury of Moncler with the rebel attitude and spirit of Palm Angels.

The celebration of the collection took place in London only the night before, but the founder of Palm Angels, Francesco Ragazzi, wasn't tired at all. In response to being asked if he was suffering any jet lag he quickly said, "No not at all, I'm super happy so I'm not tired." With that established we got into the collection.

Kerwin Frost and Francesco Ragazzi

To start, Jeff Koons was a major influence for the collection, or more accurately a vandalization of Jeff Koons' art. "I found this picture of a Jeff Koons exhibition that had been was vandalized," Ragazzi said. "Someone had covered it in graffiti in protest." Taking even half a look at the collection, one can clearly see the perfect execution of the idea of a vandalized art gallery. Ragazzi says he is very attracted to "the clash of the two things." Gallery and Graffiti. Moncler and Palm Angels. "Bringing together two completely different worlds, the gallery being so pure and white like it was a Moncler jacket, and I was the protester bringing the vandalism," Francesco mused.

He was also inspired to a lesser extent by the now-legendary self-destructing Banksy painting. Learning this, I had to ask if he would you ever make a garment that self-destructed. He answered "I don't know if anyone would be happy to pay $2,000 for a jacket that self destructed... but it would be cool!" So keep an eye out for Palm Angels collection with mysterious packaging.

Photos courtesy of Moncler