How much do you love Titanic? How hard did try to love Revolutionary Road? How much would you pay to watch Kate and Leo's IRL chemistry (which we can only imagine would have manifested into a romantic relationship were it not for the solemn duties of leading the Pussy Posse) across the table from you? If your answer to all three questions was "a lot" then you might be the perfect candidate to go on a date with them.

The actors are auctioning themselves off for charity in St. Tropez, with proceeds going to The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and Kate's Golden Hat Foundation. The winning bidder can choose any restaurant in NYC to take the pair to dine (generous of them), where you can ask Leo in person why he is the celebrity equivalent of Matthew McConaughey's character in Dazed and Confused.

So dig deep into those pockets, my sweets, or maybe sell a kidney on the black market because if you get anywhere close to the million mark, you might just be in the running. Good luck out there my loves.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]
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