Kendra Dandy Helps Us Look and Feel Our Best

Kendra Dandy Helps Us Look and Feel Our Best

In partnership with CuradMay 03, 2024

One of our favorite cultural changes to come out of the past few years is the celebration of individuality. No longer is the trend to blend in – in 2024 being cool means being authentically and unapologetically you.

Today we celebrate those who stand out, and laud the individuals that help others come into their own in both big ways and small. An example of such a leader is Kendra Dandy, a renowned illustrator and artist who uses her talent to help break the chains of conformity found in everyday life.

Dandy is a Philadelphia native, independent Black artist and female entrepreneur with featured work in a multitude of art media (and we mean multitude). A self-described introvert who is just trying to vibe through life, Dandy is remarkably adept at reading others and putting thoughts and feelings into color.

Inspired by modern art as well as art born from the Impressionist era forward, she cites aspects of nature, beauty, animals, vintage items/art and fashion as her primary muses.

“After graduating college and having difficulty finding employment, I worked retail while trying to figure out my career path. I would always work on my art and designs when I got home from work, using social media to put my work out there until brands began to notice and I started getting opportunities.”

One such opportunity that fascinates us is her current partnership with CURAD® Bandages and their “Healing in Style” campaign. Her signature thought-provoking style has provided a splash of fun, color and flair to a medium that most would never think of: adhesive bandages!

However, once one does consider the marriage of art and medical, Dandy’s work makes perfect sense.

“This was my first time having my artwork on first aid items, so it was very cool that CURAD® approached me,” explains Dandy. “It is definitely a category that tends to have very plain, not particularly fun looking items so it was a good idea to bring new life to my previously created fruit designs by adding them to adhesive bandages.

By making first-aid fun, Dandy and CURAD® make it not just a simple task, but an enjoyable one. Not only does my little guy love wearing the bandages, he no longer picks at them because he’s so proud to show everyone how cool they look that he doesn’t prematurely take them off.

“That’s so cool,” laughs Dandy. “I made a bunch of fun fruit designs that were colorful and had a lot of versatility as far as products they could appear on. Bandages just happened to look really good with the fruit patterns, so I am glad that CURAD® chose them.”

Dandy’s work is proof that no medium is too small to make an impact, a lesson she hopes burgeoning artists will take to heart. Take ownership of your work and don’t let yourself be bullied into obscurity, encourages the artist, “don’t be afraid to speak up.”

We agree. Let your voice be heard and your style be seen – you just might find the bandage to match!

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