On Thursday, actress Zoe Saldana gave an amazing performance on Lip Sync Battle, and was joined on stage by none other than Chili and T-Boz them! selves!

'Syncing the groups iconic shitty-dudes kiss-off, "No Scrubs," Saldana shut it down, playing the part of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez.

In homage to the video, Saldana enters the stage on a silver swing, throwing up the "L for Loser," index-and-thumb sign (shout out to Smash Mouth) and delivers some top-notch authentic '90s choreography, including the ultimate '90s boy/girl band dance move: hands-on-heart.

And, holy shit, Saldana looks uncannily like "Left Eye."

Watch below and let the clip send you into a scrubs-free weekend.

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