In this week's installment of graphic design news, Zara's new logo has everyone feeling a little claustrophobic.

Only the second time the Spanish fast-fashion company has changed their logo in their entire 45-year history, Zara unexpectedly revealed their new logo today eschewing their previously more spacious look for a tighter knit design. The new Zara is the work of French design agency Baron & Baron, best known for their previous work for Harper's Bazaar, the new logo utilizes their signature typography to offer more accentuated curves to the previously ridged lettering cutting out the excess space for an overlapping layout.

A significant departure from the company's previous look, Zara's new logo left many feeling like they just needed to get some space today with others taking to Twitter to voice their critiques of the cluttered design:

Perhaps an allegory for the cluttered closet that fast fashion generates, maybe Zara's new logo is merely just reflective of the times. Space is at such a premium that cutting company costs even means cutting out any remaining room between the letters hanging above the store entrance. And while it may have had graphic designers hyperventilating into paper bags all across the timeline, others chose to see the humor in the new design:

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