You Should Check Out ... Je Suis Perdu

Chris Black
Welcome to You Should Check Out..., a new weekly blog in which Chris Black of Words For Young Men and Done to Death Projects tells you about something or someone he really likes and that he thinks you'll like too. Follow him on Twitter at @donetodeath.

Winslow Laroche is a young photographer and writer based in New York City. His blog Je Suis Perdu is an incredible resource for seeing work by photographers and artists from all over the world. Laroche has a great eye for mixing up-and-coming talent with mainstays like Nan Goldin, Steve Schapiro, Walker Evans and John Divola. Visit it for reference or inspiration, just make sure to visit often. Below, some photos from the site.

Photo by Joe Pearson

Photo by Ada Hamza

Photo by Winslow Laroche

Photo by Sandy Kim

Photo by Pierre Winther

Laroche on Twitter: @winslowlaroche

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