A platform that creates a space for people who identify all over the identification spectrum, You Do You is a brand new fashion and lifestyle website that focuses on agender style.

Launched last week, it's the brainchild of NYC creatives Logan Jackson, Casey Geren and Kristiina Wilson, who felt that "it is important to be represented, and to know that you have a place, no matter how you look/dress/act" -- especially since the acceptance of "doing whatever you do" is still a long ways away from being completely accepted within the mainstream. 

"'Gender' is a word a lot of people are tired of hearing," YDY's Jackson told i-D. "But it's still so far from becoming an obsolete term -- and right now is such a fascinating time because of the discussions taking place around it." 

And we're sure the trio is will spark a ton of conversation with editorials from designers like Paper 2015 beautiful people Eckhaus Latta, Vejas and Timo Weiland, as well as interviews with transgender model Kira Conley and artist/musician Casey Spooner. Poke around the domain's new digs here.

[h/t i-D]

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