You Can Get Discounts at a Lot of NYC Thrift Stores This Saturday

by Max Kessler
Turns out that Saturday is National Thrift Store Day! While most newly invented, oddly specific holidays are worthy of eye-rolls all around (we're looking at you, National Corn Dog Day) ReuseNYC -- the branch of the Sanitation Department that promotes recycling -- really wants you to get in the spirit and is offering discounts of up to 25% off at thrift stores around the city. Cheap stuff behemoths Salvation Army and Goodwill are offering 25% off everything at select locations, and more niche places like Film Biz Recycling and Recycle-A-Bicycle will also be joining in on the fun. See the full map of all participating stores and discounts here. Who knows, you might finally snag that pea-green Kurt Cobain cardigan you've been searching for since 8th grade. More likely you'll leave with a scratched 45 of Heart's "What About Love" and some ceramic vases, but, still! Get shoppin'.

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