Wwwe Could Be Next: Mike Ruggirello

Amanda Mooney

As I scanned The Post Family’s feed a few Fridays back, I was struck by this description of Mike Ruggirello in an event listing on the site: “Mike Ruggirello is a man of two lives. One is spent as a freelance photo and video artist based out of Chicago. The other is spent traveling the world chasing ghosts, loggers, and even Palestinians all for the sake of your entertainment. Sometimes these two lives collide and what comes out the other end is Sequence, a mash up of his experiments in video / photography and his travels to far off lands.” Although I couldn’t make it to his event at The Coop, I caught up with him via Facebook and we arranged a quick interview at The Family Room. With my humble Flip cam in hand and Chad Kouri and the rest of The Post Family crew cranking out inspired little posts and projects behind us, I captured our chat to share here. In less than six minutes, Mike describes his work, style, adventures dropping out of college, teaming up with the Obama campaign during the election, and travels to Kansas, the West Bank and everywhere in between. His work is beautiful, his life sounds incredible, and though Ruggirello has just 24 years behind him--one year more than myself--our chat left me feeling inspired, jealous, and altogether unaccomplished. Check out our chat, his #4 video, and connect with him via Vimeo and Flickr.

Mike Ruggirello’s #4:

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