WU LYF's "LYF" Is Our Music Video of the Day

WU LYF (which stands for World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation) have been generating a lot of press as of late by not doing any. The Manchester band -- who also record under the name Vagina Wolf -- have maintained an aura of mystery among U.S. bloggers due to the lack of information on them: they only released 14 copies of their debut EP, which were sold for 50 pounds each; they don't do interviews; they record their own music on their own label, and, until recently, covered their faces in press photos with bandannas. Here, we actually get a glimpse of the band in the video for this stirring, sort of pained track off their upcoming Go Tell Fire to the Mountain. They're playing a very sold out Pop Gun show tonight at Glasslands, but if you weren't lucky enough to snag a ticket to that or LCD Soundsystem tomorrow night, the band is also playing at Shea Stadium in Bushwick on Saturday. RSVP here.

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