World of Warcraft Funeral -- If Only Mr. Rogers Could Deliver the Eulogy

Adam Dugas , ringleader of The Citizen's Band and last November's PAPER cover boy,  recently sent me this video depicting the March 4 "raid" on the apparantly now infamous World of Warcraft Funeral.

I'm afriad my expertise in the field of video gaming doesn't extend past Frogger and Ms. Pacman. But I must say I became more interested in that geeky wonderland after spending time at last years PAPER PROJECT LA when they took over one of Tinsel Town's biggest video game stores. I stood amazed and impressed at the virtual fantasy worlds these so-called losers have created for themselves. To hell with LSD, pass me the Play Station and let's roll!

I purposely missed viewing Grand Theft Auto/San Andreas but have heard all about the urban horror scenarios that pass as entertainment in that game. But this World of Warcraft stuff rivals Hiditha in terms of resurrecting memories of My Lai massacres long past .

The story is that some girl who loved this game actually dies IRL (In Real Life -- that lingo was easy enuf to figure out even though I have no idea -- but can guess -- what a "gank lowbie" is). Some of her friends decide to have a real time funeral for her in the fantasy context of this game. Well, evidently the well-intended souls who were hosting the funeral forgot that the name of this game is World of WARcraft and before you know it an enthusiastic gang of bloodthirsty marauders are bounding down the virtual forests and canyons as super-amped-aggro music blares. When they finally reach the funeral...well, to make a long massacre short, Bambi Gets Killed. 

It's pretty sick (especially with The Beatles song YESTERDAY repeatedly interrupted by the unrepentant metal mania served up by THE MISFITS) and it's doesn't take a great leap of imagination to envision these "kids" in twenty years time pushing all the buttons that start WWIII. (Then again, in this world of make believe who even knows if this girl really died or if she was real at all? Maybe her funeral friends were in cahoots with the Serenity Now hoard and the whole thing was engineered to be part of their recruitment campaign. Clever folks. Maybe they also work for Karl Rove?)
Also compelling (or repelling, depending on your sympathies) are the comments posted at the YouTube site:

*The allies who did this shit are just immature assholes.

*I have to agree with all the other people, having a Funeral in a PvP zone has to be one of the stupid things I have heard, since Chuck Norris. Whats worse they posted it on the forums...That just deserved to be crashed.

*It's sad that she died in RL. Think about it; What better way to show respect for her and to the game she loved than to execute the brilliant strategy seen in this video! This is a tribute to PVP at its finest! Lets don't look at this as a rude, unfair killing spree, but see it as it really is...TRUE, UNADULTERATED, STRATEGIC, PVP GANKFEST, worthy of being replayed until the end of time. This also says something about the girl that passed away;She will live in our memories forever!

*all you fucking kids are saying hahaha thats funny alliance is cool blah blah blah. do you think you would all look at this in a differnt way if the hoard did this to the alliance?

And my personal favorite:

*I want to see a higher quality version of this video so I can read the pleas of mercy in the chat box

Talk about curdling the milk of human kindness! And after you have been thoroughly traumatized, seek to cleanse thy psychic palette with this! (courtesy Forget Jesus, can Mister Rogers please come back and save our mortally wounded souls?


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