Woody Allen was among the frustrated residents of New York's Upper East Side, who piled into the pews of a church on East 88th Street, to raise HELL about a city ordinance that would paint new bike lanes on one-way streets throughout the toney 'hood.

via BFA

Allen was one of those who spoke on the matter, flanked by his sophisticated wife, Soon Yi.

via BFA

"None of the streets can accommodate a bike lane in a graceful way," Allen said.


Of course he used the word "graceful."

Woody continued with "Every street has a good argument why it shouldn't have a lane."

I wish every time Allen spoke, someone rang a cowbell; what I'm saying is, I wish I had been there to ring a cowbell every time he spoke.

There is truly nothing more extraordinary to me than the wrath of millionaire white men mildly inconvenienced.

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