Woman Live-Tweets Her Mid-Flight Groping

Woman Live-Tweets Her Mid-Flight Groping

Man gets away with "a talking to"

This weekend, Los Angeles-based writer and comedian Ariana Lenarsky was on a flight out of Austin when another passenger grabbed and stroked her leg. She was shocked, as all women are when strange men think they have the right to touch their bodies, and when she reported the incident to the flight attendant, she found out that multiple women on the flight had already complained about him. He had even tried to kiss another passenger! What ensued, is at once deeply disappointing and unsurprising...

The flight attendants informed the captain, and Lenarsky was told that the police would be engaged once the plane had landed:

Since the assault happened aboard a plane, it's technically the FBI's jurisdiction. When the plane landed, the agents that were dispatched minimized the victim's experiences, saying that "it's not the crime of the century" and assured the women that the man would get "a talking to." She was told that if she wanted to press charges, she would have to fund her trip back to Austin and file with the Austin Police department.

Since she was essentially told she has no realistic recourse here, she tweeted the photo she snapped of her attacker after he grabbed her calf. And here he is, folks!

Since sharing her story, Lenarsky said that the Austin police department had contacted her to take her statement, and had requested the case number and contact of the officer that took her statement. She concluded today that tweeting this story had "inadvertently illuminated that the process of reporting sexual assault is broken":

Another day, another fantastic reason to riot in the streets.

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Splash image: BFA / Joe Schildhorn

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