Wiz Khalifa, Ghostface Killah, and Of Montreal Hold It Down Uptown at Columbia's Bacchanal

Tiara Francis

This weekend, Columbia University held its annual spring concert for Bacchanal, the "get out of the library and meet some people," weekend-long festival. Students, alumni, neighboring families (with kids?!) and other people who happened to catch wind of the line-up -- which is kept under wraps until a few days beforehand -- came out to see Wiz Khalifa, Ghostface Killah, and Of Montreal perform. (Watching Columbia students twist their fingers into Ws during Ghostface's medley of Wu-Tang songs, including "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" and "C.R.E.A.M," was almost as entertaining as his set). Headliners Of Montreal hit the stage after nightfall and lit things up, as usual, with some colorful stage antics. (Someone dressed in a Chewbacca suit filmed the crowd as the footage played on a screen behind the band). Somehow, however, this was not the strangest part of the evening. Later, three Columbia students came onstage in diapers and bras to writhe around, while Chewbacca bought some sort of pig person on stage right before the encore, "The Past is a Grotesque Animal." Notably missing from the setlist was, "A Wraith Pinned to the Mist," but considering Chewbaca's literal interpretations of song titles, we worry about what 'mist' would have entailed.

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