Earlier today, Marc Jacobs' campaign creative director Katie Grand took to Instagram to announce the AW15's campaign's second face -- IRL fairy princess Willow Smith. You know, as if you weren't pumped enough already for Cher, aka the Grand Dame of Pop/Twitter, to be one of the other faces accompanying Jacobs' moody Diana Vreeland apartment-inspired collection.

Either way, big ups to MJ for not only continuing the age-inclusive casting trend, but for also keeping the other end of the spectrum in mind. After all, it's really nice to see the 14-year-old Willow get taken as seriously as well-established icons and artists who have also landed big modeling spots with the likes of Céline (Joan Didion) and Saint Laurent (Joni Mitchell).  So erase the idea of your face not being mature enough/your looks fading, because the fashion spread is truly a-changing.

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