Will Smith wears a lot of hats — actor, father, musician, memelord, and, now, fashion model.

That's right, Smith is officially starring in his first-ever fashion campaign, and it's for none other than the sportswear gurus at Moncler.

Debuting today, the Tim Walker-shot campaign is dubbed "GENIUS IS BORN CRAZY." And according to the press release, Smith will "explore the ever-present tension between genius and crazy" via three campaign stories — the first of which is titled "Levitating."

After all, true genius is about constant evolution but, to many, moving forward in a completely different direction is perceived as "crazy." However, it's a concept that both Moncler and Smith are very familiar with, if their various reincarnations — whether it be turning sleeping bags into clothes or pivoting from film to music — are any indication.

An "act of becoming" fueled by passion, check out Moncler's new campaign with Smith, below, and get ready to feel inspired.

Photo courtesy of Moncler

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