As the seasons change, so, too, do the careers of extremely famous people. In this case, it's Will Smith's return to rapping. The move has been a long time coming (he has reportedly been in the studio with Kanye several times over the last few years), and his choice for a first new track -- a verse on a remix of Colombian group Bomba Estereo's "Fiesta" -- is interesting precisely in how low-key it is. This isn't a grand proclamation of the comeback of the Fresh Prince (King?), it's just a decently competent verse from one of the most successful dudes in the business. Also, we know he didn't name the song, but "Fiesta" is like, the most dad-rap name for a song Will Smith could have used for the beginning of his comeback. Do you think he consulted Jaden at all first? (He should have.) [via Complex]

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