Wisdom Kaye on TikTok, Menswear Finds and New Coach Campaign

Wisdom Kaye on TikTok, Menswear Finds and New Coach Campaign

Nowhere was TikTok's stranglehold on New York Fashion Week felt more than at Coach's Spring 2022 show, where nearly the entire front row was dotted with the platform's yassified Gen Z users (while traditional media types sat many rows behind them).

The changing of the guard extends well beyond seating charts, of course, with the most elite TikTokers landing top fashion campaigns once solely reserved for celebrities and models. That much is true for Wisdom Kaye, the breakout (and stylish) TikTok star who's now repped by IMG and is walking runway shows in Paris.

His new campaign for Coach drops today, having already worked with the fashion label numerous times including last year's Champion x Coach launch and Coach TV presentation. He's joined by his TikTok "super crew," including Noah Beck and Parker Kit Hill, in the Tyler Mitchell-lensed photographs and video, where Kaye goes joyriding in Brooklyn.

Here, Kaye breaks down his style inspirations, favorite wardrobe pieces, Men's Fashion Week observations and more.

You've worked with Coach a few times now. What are those experiences shooting with them like?

It's always so fun and the energy is always amazing. I love working with the cast too. The first time I actually ever went to New York was for Coach. I'm not from a big city so when I went there I'm so enamored by everything from the subway to buildings. Going there more and more I've come to realize that some of the real beauty in New York comes from the diversity and different cultures. There's always something going on, I've gone for walks in the city at 2 am with my friends and we'll see some incredible things happening.

Your style is pretty eclectic and I know you favor a lot of Rick Owens and Saint Laurent. How does Coach fit into your wardrobe?

I think Coach makes very beautiful bags. I usually wear them every time I go out. I also love their Shearling Aviator jackets, I think the leather and construction is so beautiful. But I'm almost always wearing a Coach bag like every day.

Your runway walk at Balmain last season was quite the moment for you. What do you make of that fashion milestone?

That was pretty cool. It wasn't my first runway but it definitely felt like it. It was such a huge occasion. Olivier [Rousteing] being at the house for 10 years and everything like that ... everything was all out. Meeting him was so nice. The atmosphere and music coupled with my outfit and having so many people there was so amazing. I remember walking and hearing some of my friends and fans screaming my name but you have to keep a straight face so it was just one of those things where I was telling myself not to laugh right now.

What were some of the standout moments for you this menswear season that just wrapped up in Paris?

I was really excited for Nigo's debut at Kenzo and thought a lot of those pieces were really cool. I always love what Rick Owens does. Virgil's last collection for Vuitton was also a really special moment but the clothes were really beautiful to look at too.

What are some trends on Fashion TikTok that's caught your eye. Do you pay attention to that kind of stuff?

I try not to be too trendy but one thing I have noticed that's pretty hot right now in menswear Arc'teryx jackets are really in. You see memes of people pouring water on themselves because the jacket is waterproof and things like that. But I try to make my own sort of trend whenever I can.

What sort of new things have you been incorporating into your style lately?

I feel like I've been experimenting a lot with colors. I typically prefer all-black and when I travel I'll usually just pack that because it makes packing and putting an outfit together easier. But when I'm home I do try to mix it up and add pops of colors or mix it with neutrals for a color-blocking moment.

Which other TikTokers are you enjoying watching right now?

There's so many but one whose content I really do enjoy is Marcus Milione, he does sort of the fashion, lifestyle and fitness thing which has been around for a while but the way he does it is very grounded and relatable, it feels like you're talking to him. Another user I like is Julian Carter, he does a lot of DIY and upcycling things and the process of him making his own clothes is one of the coolest things I've seen.

Photos courtesy of Coach