Why We're Into This Clip of Nick Jonas Singing "Jealous" In FAO Schwarz

by Kyla Bills

While we're obviously fans of the new, penis-grabbing, shirtless Nick Jonas, all his racy photos, gay nightclub appearances and questionable interviews have made it easy to forget that he was once a purity ring-wearing teen heartthrob that graced the cover of Seventeen Magazine with his brothers wearing pastel v-necks. But this new clip of his Tom Hanks-in Big-inspired rendition of "Jealous" inside an FAO Schwarz definitely serves up the best of both worlds. Just like when Drake goes on SNL and sings about his bar mitzvah, this clip is a nice reminder that despite Nick's recent Marky Mark homage, there's still something sweet about him and you know your mother would probably love him if you brought him home. Like Drake, part of Nick's appeal is that he's becoming kind of like the male equivalent of what Ludacris rapped about in 2003 anthem "Yeah" (you know the line -- "lady in the street but a freak in the bed"). Yep, Nick Jonas can still melt hearts with a shirt on (even if we're not sure if we want him to).

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