Most music fans, when asked what seminal music period they wished they had lived in, say the 60s or 70s.  And rightly so.  But not NY Doll.  No, if I were to live in any time I would've requested to be born a mere decade sooner so that I could have been in college in the late 80s/early 90s.  This period, in my opinion, was the zenith for college indie rock music and boy do I wish I could've been in my 20s then. 

But alas, I was born too late, which is why I love bands like Ladyhawk.  Hailing from  Vancouver (the Pacific Northwest where college indie rock was born), this quartet sings songs of the personal variety - going out, hanging out in basements, driving around, young love and getting drunk.  With a sound that seems to be a ghost of the 90s, there's no embellishment or ego of any kind, just pure emotion and the occassional occurrence of self-loathing.  Real life, in other words.  Listening to Ladyhawk makes you feel right at home.  Plus, it rocks!

Hardcore NY Doll fans might also recall a little blog I wrote a few months ago entitled, "Great Label, Ugly Fellas," a tribute to my favorite label Jagjaguwar.  Well, Ladyhawk's self-titled, debut release is off of Jagjaguwar, and they just so happened to be one of the bands I was refering to.  Sorry guys! 

Ladyhawk - Dugout


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