Who's Number One?

What year is this? We've come to one of those unpredictable (yet somehow inevitable) pop culture moments when everything old seems new again. First we find Barry Manilow at the top of the charts in the U.S. singing cover versions of 50s songs. In England, Leo "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" Sayer is at the top of the charts again thanks to a fancy remix of Thunder in My Heart by Craig Dimech aka Meck. "The 1977 flop  has reinvented Sayer as a club favorite. It was a sweet victory for the West Sussex-born singer, who faced bankruptcy after his early run of hits dried up. He emigrated to Australia after being rejected by the British music industry," reports Timesonline. Then there's the Billy Joel phenomena, which has the Piano Man booked for an 11 show three-month stay at Madison Square Garden. And it's sold out!


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