Who's Excited for the Matchbox Twenty Cruise?


1) Who's excited? The Matchbox Twenty cruise sets sail December 6.

2) Jimmy Kimmel asked male viewers to tape themselves giving their girlfriends or wives Valentine's gifts they'd hate. They were all disgusting. 

3) It turns out cats have been doing that "Oh, I'm sorry, are you trying to concentrate on something?" thing where they walk across your work for centuries! Check out these cat paw prints left inink on a 15th century manuscript. [Gawker]

4) The Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue) hosts a free "Trapped in the Closet" sing-along tonight at 9.

5) Here's a shot of Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake as '60s folk singers in the Coen Brothers' upcoming film Inside Llewyn Davis.

6) Check out this interactive music video by the design agency OKFocus for Brooklyn band Tanlines' song "Not The Same" that takes it design cues from Photoshop. Transform, warp, invert colors, resize, and delete band members and their sound tracks against different  backdrops. Click the word "experiment" at the top for an extra-trippy treat!

7) Love this NPR piece on Sandy Levins, who designs fake food for museums and the kitchens of historic homes, including Mount Vernon and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. [Photo by Hoag Levins]

8) Tilt Warning Customs, a Pittsburgh-based custom pinball arcade game company, is raising funds via Kickstarter for an art show  that would feature pinball games designed by street artists including Alex Pardee, Jeremy Fish and COOP.


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